Entrepreneur and confidence

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, life is obviously more difficult when compared to that which comes with a job. For the people who left their high paying careers and moved into entrepreneurship, memories of getting a paycheck every month seems like nostalgia. Whether you are an experienced person trying to become an entrepreneur or a college goer starting his/her own venture, the pain remains the same. Even the savviest entrepreneur may get the blues. The confidence does not go down in a day but chips away slowly with time. Similarly, confidence does not get built or lost in a day. When an entrepreneur creates something new, they are aware that they will not be successful in a few days or months. The initial enthusiasm pushes up the confidence to new height. If things don't move as expected, the confidence level goes down slowly.

Confidence is like gaining / losing weight

One day of binge eating does not make one a fat person. Many days of eating does. Also, one cannot get fit by exercising only for a day. It needs to be a regular activity. Just like the weight gain or loss, it is a good idea to work on the confidence levels too. During days of low confidence, one can complete small tasks that build up the confidence. Each addition to the confidence builds it up.

There are so many of us

Not all entrepreneurs are making huge money. There are people at every level of the pyramid. It is quite easy to find entrepreneurs at the level same as ours. That is the reality. Networking with our "kind" of people will tell us that they are also going through similar issues. If that makes one feel better , so be it.

This is a time to “Switch off”

Things not working ? Not getting ideas ? Staring into screen never helps. It is better to switch off and do something else. Meet family and friends, pursue a hobby. Even though business takes most of our life, business is not our life.

Creating a  list

While working, I remember a number of trivial tasks I need to do. When I lose confidence, I start working on them. I note down tasks in an excel sheet and finish them when I am not in a mood to do my regular activities. It helps me to develop confidence and keep negativity away.

Counting all the successes stories

All ventures irrespective of failure or success has some stories to tell. It is a good idea to note down these stories. If we have a blog, we could write those experience. Looking back later we would know how much we have learned. Building confidence is like losing weight. We do it slowly and with the right attitude we will have all the confidence that we need. Image courtesy of [jscreationzs] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net