Why discipline is important to entrepreneurs

Discipline is emphasized by experts in nearly all professions. Athlete, scientists or a  teacher may all vouch for discipline. Though, we may succeed only with luck but it is very hard that everyone can be so lucky. In case we are disciplined and also lucky, the returns can be just great.

Step wise entrepreneurship

People often wonder that if they have an idea , what is the right time to start working on it. They calculate that based on market forecast, if the idea can be successful or not. Often they enter in hurry. As soon as initial enthusiasm dies down, they find it difficult to continue with their idea. Here discipline enters the picture

The discipline of entrepreneurship is as follows

The most important hedge against pitfalls of entrepreneurship is the discipline. Discipline is about planning the stuff and sticking to it no matter what. Discipline is also about killing procrastination .

It is hard to do something the whole day and not get bored

There were times when I was hard pressed for writing on this blog. On the fateful day of completing the post, I would ponder over the topic. I would then spend enormous amount of time looking for the topic and then start researching. Later, I decided to abandon this way of working. I sat one day and wrote a number of headlines in an excel sheet. Now I have my calendar covered till 4-5 months from today. I can research my topics minus the pressure of putting the post out asap. I code a lot everyday . My product Share Juice Pro has grown big. If I were to code that product in 30 days flat, I am sure I would have been exhausted. I would not have got time to experiment and listen to customer feedback. Today it is used very creatively by my customers. Carolyn , my blogging friend and inspiration behind Share Juice Pro has used the product in the best way possible. Adrienne is also using it to drive traffic to her blog. Its the iteration of the product with them, that has made the whole thing work. Without disciplined approach , this would have hardly been possible.

The power of compounding really works with discipline

Albert Einstein is thought of as quoting compounding as the most powerful force in universe. Another one who used compounding effectively is Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet. His disciplined approach to investing made him billions of dollars. Shares of his company have on an average compounded by 21%. Compounding works with discipline because we can build on what has already been built.

Discipline works

We need to build discipline with time.  There is no set method. It all depends on our approach to the work. With disciplined approach we can conquer any challenge.