Entrepreneurs and boredom

Have many times you have said to yourself that you are tired of doing the same work ? Whatever be the stage your business is in , there are times when nothing seems to move. Every entrepreneur goes through these stages. There are times when I am developing a product and all I find is endless problems crop up. Solving them is challenging but it does get boring for a while . This is precisely the time when most of the entrepreneurs walk away from their project. If they don’t see much progress  in their work, going to works looks more like a chore.

So what do they do next?

If the boredom gets better of them, either they may close down their business or they move on to something new, leaving the old project in limbo.

a) They try something new

Something new always seems more exciting than what they have currently. Entrepreneurs like to catch trends because trends indicate something that is “hot”. So they jump to new trends. If they don’t do well there , they move on to something else. This cycle repeats till entrepreneur is complete exhausted. The problem with moving to new trends without proper plan is that when we start again, we need to do everything from scratch. Also we lose the power of compounding  derived from building over our existing work. And also we come across as fickle and unreliable to customers and friends.

b) Close down

The problem with closing down is that we lose everything, that we have done until now. Unless there is a solid reason to close down, it should not be the  preferred approach to avoid boredom.

Why does boredom happen?

There are a few reasons I can speak from personal experience. Lack of clear goals: Without clearly defined goals, there is no way to know that if we are making any progress. Tendency to jump from an idea to another : Its very easy to jump to something new and start working on it. New is exciting , routine is boring. Prevalent temporary economic condition: People don’t have money to buy things during recession. A loss in revenue in the short term may not mean much when one is in business for a long term but it definitely adds to the entrepreneur’s disenchantment. Impatience: Often things may not turn the way we want to. The piece of codes that we want to make work in certain way just does not work. The website that we want by a certain date is not going to complete on time. We push hard and burnout ourselves.

How do we keep the boredom away?

Distraction : I feel that distraction is a great idea to avoid boredom. Go for a long walk, listen to music. Don’t let yourself settle in a rut. Innovation: When I get bored, I think of things that I can do without affecting my main project. It could be about planning for another product or a new way of improving the business. That takes the mind off the mundane stuff Think about value additions: The time when I feel bored, I like to think about value additions to my products. Because when mind is not engaged in operational tasks, it is at its creative best because it . Focus on a mini project: I never work on a single project only. There are a few mini projects that I pay regular attention to. Though they are not of importance at that stage but they provide a welcome relief if I do get bored because of the main project. Network: During times of boredom, mind needs excitement. Networking and meeting new people builds excitement and help reduce boredom. Image courtesy of Master isolated / FreeDigitalPhotos.net