Finding time for marketing

There is a part in me which wants to do things that I like the whole day. After all they do give me a lot of pleasure. I like coding plugins for Wordpress, making app for android, writing a blog, creating videos for a YouTube Channel. However there is a part that says, that I also need to market the things that I have been doing. But most of the time, creation takes over my life and marketing suffers. The only marketing that I have been doing, is sharing posts over Facebook and Tweeting links occasionally. When we are doing things that we like and the time flies. It is just plain hard when we are stuck with things we don’t like. The human response to such a job is avoidance. I do not avoid marketing but sometimes I do neglect it. I have the ideas and I can say that I am fairly good in concept of marketing.  But it simply is difficult to get it going.

When we are not marketing

The problem with "not" marketing is that, people barely remember who we are, after we have been out of touch for sometime. When I was tweeting a lot ( mostly stuff written by others ) , people were tweeting back my stuff too. I gained some followers and friends. However from a last few weeks , I have not been active on twitter that much which has cost the blog some traffic.

Marketing is not only about budget but also time

For a one man team entrepreneur like me , time is in plenty ( provided I finish all the work that I like ) . The budget is somewhat limited and often just throwing money on advertising may work for only short term. The marketing part often takes lower preference for my time.

Social media makes marketing easy but

Social media is a very useful tool because one can have a large reach. But I have found that you always need to share interesting stories to attract attention. Finding such stories is itself a dedicated task. One needs to read a number of blog, skim through news and then prepare the right snippet to share on social media. Consistency is the key to delivering message to your followers. Unfortunately if there are other things that take priority then definitely marketing suffers as a result.

Being an entrepreneur means juggling many things

Of course we entrepreneurs like to do things we like the most. However I have learned that we also need to do things that probably are not our strong area of interests.

Its time to re-strategize

I think this sums up the state of my mind from past few weeks. The things that I have been able to consistently do is develop products, create videos and some other things which means it has not been really so bad. Maybe I need to set up a marketing mix of 80-20 ( 20% marketing) just to stay relevant How do you tackle this situation ( it is not a problem ) ?