How does one create trust with the customer?

How does one create trust with the customer? Often by dealing with the first contact. During my recent travel with my family I made an unscheduled stopover and walked in a hotel. When I asked for the room, the manager did something intelligent. He showed me a room that was beautiful and probably one of the best in there. It was simple, he was creating the brand identity in my mind that the hotel places the guest first on their list. It clicked and he made a sale. When a customer approaches a new business, he or she is normally very apprehensive. For hotels and travel industry, Trip Advisor is probably a good way to pre-decide the hotel that we want to live in based on our budget. But where such services are unavailable, the best thing is a good response as soon as possible. I purchased an e-book through Amazon. The author had not included audio tracks that were necessary to follow to learn from the book. I mailed the author and he sent me a link the next day to the audio tracks. However they were not correctly sequenced. I wrote an email to him about the issue and I did not receive a reply. Later on I wrote another email asking him for a suggestion on another book to which I did not receive a reply. It must have been an oversight or he must have been busy but till today I have not received an answer from him. I put the book back for refund. To me this is the relationship chapter that is now closed. I would not buy from him again. He lost a customer, a chance for a good review, a brand ambassador and a relationship. All he needed to do was to educate me on a basic query. Answering questions and educating customers about things they don’t know builds enough trust in them. If one does not answer legit queries too, they are losing a chance to build relationship. Recently I helped a person getting his blog back from almost being inaccessible. He said he could not pay me anything as he was not earning from it. It was a honest request ( one where you are not taken advantage of ) and I was happy to help. Though I did not earn, I got someone who now knows me and who probably one day work with me. Not all work will generate money. But it will generate reputation for your brand. Never be lazy or sloppy in your reply. Building trust, engaging, communicating is a long term activity but short term measures do matter. A customer will definitely buy from you if they know and understand who you are Image courtesy of rattigon at