Do you get the problem of noise vs. sound ?

According to Wikipedia, a) Noise is an unwanted sound. b) It is not random c) It makes it difficult to hear the right sound. Entrepreneurs do hear a lot of noise. The noise that is all around us, both positive and negative. The positive noise tells us that how cool it is to be an entrepreneur. It is the best thing to happen to mankind ever. The VCs are falling over each other to shower money, on the best technological products. The market is waiting to be taken over. There are only positives and nothing negative. The negative voice tells that how a job is a better option than entrepreneurship. Rather than suffer the pain of working for your own, the usual path of working in a comfortable job should be taken. Also references are drawn about the uncertain future, where money could be in so much shortage, so the entrepreneur would starve to death. Outcome of noise in both scenarios is over-exaggerated. Neither the market is falling at anyone’s feet ( because there is competition, exaggeration in market research, over optimism) , nor is any entrepreneur going to starvation diet because they lost money in business. The maximum bad outcome of a bad loss is just loss of money. Brains and learning still remain with the entrepreneur and can be re-utilized. It is possible that entrepreneur can even re-enter job market and make up the money that he or she has lost. I dislike the noise because often people, who have low understanding of how entrepreneurship works or that how, for a few people, following passion is the most important goal in life, are constantly bombarded with messages to change their course. I read somewhere that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle to be practiced for rest of your life. It means that one keeps working until the eyes , hands and ears hurt. No one became great by sitting in comfortable castles. Even kings need to work hard to keep their folks satisfied. Often it is about trying to get different results, by doing the same thing ( failing ) again and again and again. The best thing is not to listen to noise, as it is confusing and often irritating. If you know the path, you know you are doing it right , you have the passion and patience to take it there, you don’t need anyone’s advice, on how to work it out. That does not mean not to listen to sound advice ( but then it is sound not noise ). Being an entrepreneur means, you can survive in the best of the conditions and worse of them. It is futile to make ordinary world understand this philosophy. Don’t let the noise get to you.   Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at