Motivate yourself even when you’re depressed!

July 11, 2013

A couple of days back, one of my friend was so depressed when he failed in some point of his life so badly that he wanted to commit suicide. If you’ve failed somewhere in your life, it is the plan which has failed, not you! Get up, accept it, and move on in your life. […]

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Balancing planning and execution for entrepreneurs

March 12, 2013

Planning is essential to a project or business venture , so is the execution. Without a good plan, we will only keep executing that which is urgent or that which comes first to our mind. On the other hand, without good execution we will spend a lot of time in planning and not achieve much. […]

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Is it a good idea to completely ban work from home?

March 5, 2013

Recently CEO of Yahoo decided to send a memo to the company’s employees asking them to wind up the work from home. That means the employees need to come to office after a certain date. The main reasons were probably because of distractions employees encounter while working at home and also the assumption that work […]

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Do you perform risk analysis?

February 19, 2013

Any new project faces all kinds of risk . The risk range from those can be identified in advance and often can be controlled and those that cannot be. For example, a risk of earthquake on your property can be classified as a risk that cannot be predicted in advance (unless the region had a […]

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Blogger friends who kept the light shining

January 10, 2013

This blog is now more than 2+ years old. Its done well at least by the fact that it managed to survive and build a small community around it. Well none of it would have been easy if it were not wisdom and friendship of a few, who have stayed on with me in this […]

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Entrepreneurs and the need to spend time on marketing

January 4, 2013

Entrepreneurs feel stressed about making money. They specialize something that is often unique, it takes a long time before they make a dime. In my interaction with entrepreneurs across the world, I have seen them unwilling ( or at least reluctant) to acknowledge that they have are stressed out by lack of money. But I […]

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Your business results depends on health of your employees

December 20, 2012

Health of the employee needs to be the biggest consideration of a company. We live in competitive times and often in a bid to chase deals, finish projects we accumulate a lot of stress. This stress then often manifests itself in the form of heart attacks, obesity, increased blood pressure and many other ailments. In my […]

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Organizing your business around IT and not vice versa

December 14, 2012

Most of companies have a very strange approach to Information Technology. A large number of companies use IT as service function like they do with any other department ( for e.g. purchasing or logistics). That means that IT is relegated to the background operations of billing , account keeping , payroll etc. If the company […]

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An interesting thought

December 11, 2012

It does not matter how many hours one puts up at work. It matters how much one puts in those hours.

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Off to vacation

November 8, 2012

I will not be available to answer comments or queries from 08 Nov till 18th Nov. However you are free to add your comments. I will reply to them once I am back.

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