My Personal Thoughts

My Personal Thoughts

More likes are not equal to higher engagement

August 6, 2013

Sometimes one hears a weird story like for example, purchasing likes for your Facebook brand page. It is indeed a matter of prestige when your page has more likes. It indicates that your page is more popular, people read what you post and then you are gaining a good brand recognition. Or is it? A […]

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Six reasons why your product may sell inspite of the competition

July 23, 2013

It takes a Herculean effort to conceptualize and create a new product. The uncertainty, the comments from people who are divided into “It will work ” and “It won’t” becomes energy draining.  Some people will point out that market is littered with such products , while others say that there is a need for another […]

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Belated Happy Birthday to AKS Blog

July 18, 2013

Though I am a little late in writing about it but I am very happy to tell you that my blog has complete three years of its existence. It has been a fortunate experience that I have been able to stay and write about things I like. The blog has been hit by Penguin , […]

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An advice that can ruin your business

July 10, 2013

When you are owner of your small business, the first advice you will get ( often from esteemed VCs) is that you need to go out there and sell your idea. If you cannot do it who can? I only partly agree with the idea of “selling” your idea. Entrepreneurs are not your run of […]

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Still sitting on the fences of social media?

July 2, 2013

Lot of people find it hard to understand what twitter does. How can just 140 characters provide a message? How can it help build a brand? How is it not equivalent of texting? To many, these social media tools are a waste of time. On the other hand, everyone who is doing their bit on […]

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Getting likes is hard work

June 27, 2013

It is a must to have online presence if you have a business/blog. You can establish it by starting a business page on various social networking sites. Next step usually is to get some people to like your page in order to build your brand. There are two ways to get likes on your page […]

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Choices that we can make

June 25, 2013

Life is everyday full of choice. Every action of ours is a choice. We choose to eat proper food. We choose to go to work . We choose to give our best. Sometimes we have no choice to accept but whatever we have been told. We cannot choose for example the family we are born […]

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Lack of professionalism may sting badly

June 18, 2013

SMS lingo is not a language. Yes it is fun to use when one is chatting or sending text messages to friends. However it is highly unprofessional to use it when you are in a professional group. A lot of youngster think that it is cool and funky to write in such a way or […]

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Don’t fall for entrepreneurship , really!!!

June 11, 2013

Society loves people who conform to its standard. It is easy to make people fall in line because a) Familiarity gives comfort b) It is easier to control people c) Mavericks often cause disruptions which may reverse the conventional wisdom. Society wants everyone to follow the beaten track. The more  a person wants to do […]

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Relationship building is the key to success

May 22, 2013

My blogging friend and mentor Adrienne Smith often writes about developing relationship with fellow bloggers. Building relationship is very important to be successful. It is important that you build relationship with as many people as possible. However in practice it is very hard to build relationship with a huge number of people .Due to the […]

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