Facebook vs Google

by Ashvini

No one can be in any doubt, that Facebook and Google are two giants in the internet world. There is a strong battle brewing between them for the advertisement revenue. Google’s launch of the social media network Google plus indicates that Google is taking the battle seriously. Which way it is going to turn ? We don’t know . It all depends on execution strategy each company uses to win over customers.

Here are the important articles from me on Facebook vs Google. Have fun reading them and comment if you enjoyed.


Facebook vs Google ( plus ) :The battle continues

The giant Google has sounded the bugle. No longer it is afraid to take the battle into titan Facebook’s territory. It has had enough. It really feels that the title of the giant of the Internet belongs to Google and not to Facebook.

Facebook Vs Google – Its a war out there

Facebook attacked the  weakest point of Google. Google unfortunately despite a well respected technology company has not been able to catch on social network due to two inherent weaknesses which are not technological

Facebook vs Google battle- Who has the advantage and why only the paranoid survives?

Taking a look at Google vs Facebook battle, it seems clear that Google is facing the same 10x change that had catapulted it in the front of internet ahead of microsoft.

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