Create exclusivity for your new product

May 31, 2013

This is a dilemma every new entrepreneur faces. He or she has built a product that is relatively unknown even though it may be good. Entrepreneurship venture is often a one or two person adventure. It is hard to gather the resources that are needed to make the product popular on a massive scale. A […]

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Teaching Entrepreneurship in colleges to beat job blues

April 23, 2013

A majority of colleges at least in my country are built on principle of preparing people for jobs. Nothing wrong with that. However it often becomes the corner stone of why one would join a college. The college courses are often old, unchanged and uninspiring. They are meant to provide students as much knowledge as […]

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Using a great task analysis tool–Excel Sheet

January 17, 2013

When you are an entrepreneur, the most important frame of mind that you need is problem solving. Entrepreneur fights his/her way through a multiple number of issues every week , be it financial, sales or anything else under the sun. Problem solving mind-set can work to entrepreneur’s advantage. The most important thing is not to […]

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Building trust initially and then selling a little later

January 15, 2013

I have entered a stage where I have launched my first commercial product online. It is a simple plugin that lets one share their content on internet. Like any other entrepreneur , everything that is related to plugin, design, coding, testing and now marketing has been done by yours truly. The plugin was conceived from […]

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Entrepreneurs and the need to spend time on marketing

January 4, 2013

Entrepreneurs feel stressed about making money. They specialize something that is often unique, it takes a long time before they make a dime. In my interaction with entrepreneurs across the world, I have seen them unwilling ( or at least reluctant) to acknowledge that they have are stressed out by lack of money. But I […]

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Your product is not your business

November 22, 2012

It is often that one meets people who want to start an online business. Most of them are worried about the technical aspect such as what software to use, which payment gateway to integrate with and many others. E-business is a very challenging  like any other business. It is very rare that a idea gets […]

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What has age got to do with it?

November 21, 2012

Recently a corporate honcho declared that he could get more value out of youngsters than out of thirty plus something workers. It is another fact that his company employs PHDs and post graduates all around the world, to design and creates products. I don’t really know PHDs who are in their lower twenties. In my […]

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Winning customers by cultivating relationships

November 6, 2012

One of the most difficult part of starting a new venture is trying to beat the competition. Entrepreneurs get great ideas and then put significant effort in getting them implemented. However most of the plans that entrepreneur make lack one very important point. It is quite impossible to fight an entrenched competitor. For example, if […]

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How to lose customers and deny good publicity to yourself

October 26, 2012

This is not a big blog, like other huge media backed blogs. It has got a small audience who are probably interested in things I write. Once I asked an entrepreneur, if I could feature his story on this blog.My idea was to get him a little exposure and also to get some variety in […]

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You don’t have to be big or be completely original to be successful

October 17, 2012

An idea does not need to be a super size or all encompassing one. Entrepreneur may look at companies who have created great products and then derive the idea that is close to the most successful idea present in the market. There are many social media networks that look like each other. Also there are […]

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