Six steps to boost office productivity

Today’s guest post is from Vaishnavi Kanekal. Most of the entrepreneurs are so busy worrying about the dwindling employee productivity to even look around to see if they have walked into their office! It’s true, employee engagement is one of the big concerns for all the entrepreneurs. A study confirmed that only 13% of the read more

Finding time for marketing

There is a part in me which wants to do things that I like the whole day. After all they do give me a lot of pleasure. I like coding plugins for WordPress, making app for android, writing a blog, creating videos for a YouTube Channel. However there is a part that says, that I read more

Make technology easier to understand

One of the important purpose of a website is not only to showcase its good stuff (products/testimonials) but also to inform and educate them. It is often wrong to assume that people who visit the site are always aware of things they are looking for. Customers are at different stages of sales life-cycle. Someone who read more

Office politics is a strong productivity killer

Office politics is one of the huge factors leading to loss in productivity. Office politics not only demoralizes workforce but also brings out the deep seated inefficiencies in the system. An office workplace like every other workplace is full of opposing forces. There are people who would like to see a project succeed and others read more

Eight things entrepreneurs can learn from large organizations

As an entrepreneur, one may have strong dislike for big organizations. Big organizations are infamous  for their bureaucracy, slow speed and labyrinths of processes. It is hard to get a project started unless its financial and technical feasibility has been studied to death. It seems that big organization cannot move a single step without checking read more

Entrepreneurship benefits economy more than just generating jobs

In these times of recession there have been loud cries for creating more jobs. I was recently reading a book by Thomas Friedman. In his latest book “That used to be US”, Thomas Friedman has put a lot of emphasis on need to support entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs not only help economy by developing products but also read more

Plastic bag way to customer dissatisfaction

Malls  in most parts of India have stopped providing free polythene bags to shoppers. It is a known fact that plastic bags are not good for a healthy environment. They clog drains and are not biodegradable. They are difficult to recycle as well. Thus this is a good move. However, there is a twist in read more

Using credit card to finance business – credit card series

Credit card a plus if used in the right sense. There are plenty of business activities that you can support, if you use your credit card properly. In the post about disadvantages of using credit card for your business, I talked about how using a credit card in an incorrect manner lead to huge losses read more

Top office productivity killers and how to avoid them

Employees are the biggest asset of a company. A happy productive employee works as a smooth gear in the company machinery. It makes a lot of sense to provide employees the best environment in order to get maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, scant attention is paid to the employee productivity. This happens because employees are not seen read more

Meetings are a waste of time

In one of my post I talked about why meetings are waste of time . Here is a wonderful explanation and some suggestions why meetings are absolute killers.