Is ‘not winning’ same as losing?

by Ashvini on August 12, 2010 · 0 comments

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Is not winning same as losing? Think about it. If you come second or third or for that matter last, have you really lost? If your neighbor goes to vacation ten times a year while you can make only two do you feel like a loser? Do you feel that experts maybe have enough knowledge than you and they can extrapolate their experience to your situations.

You lose when you decide not to get a learning out of the loss. Not winning means that you are still in the game, ready to be in fight once more, come prepared and correct your mistakes. Losing means thinking that you cannot do something again because you can never do it. Losing means changing your mind at every step when some ‘expert’ tells you that it cannot be done. Losing means running around from one goal post to another without even attempting to make a goal. Losing is about not having a plan when you were defeated. Not winning is a recoverable condition and with enough determination and foresight made into a winning condition. Losing while is unrecoverable where you have given up a particular goal because path is not to your liking.

So who you prefer to be a loser or not a winner?

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