What is the cost of IT for an entreprenuerial venture?

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As an entrepreneur we have limited resources especially limited money. Unless we are funded by Grand daddy’s of Venture capital, most of the entrepreneurs invest their hard earned money. As a result we have be very cost conscious.

One of the biggest cost component of any venture these days is IT cost. If someone feels that the only cost of IT for their venture is, the cost of the computer systems and the company website, I think they are mistaken. In fact IT costs might turn out to be one of the highly miscalculated cost of their venture. I learned this painfully myself, when I was planning for my venture.

Think about it, to set up even a small call center, you have to buy hardware. To manage the hardware you have to buy software . These add up to the costs.

Let us take an example.

If you purchase a computer without an OS, you need to purchase Windows as a separate license. Next, you need  firewall software to avoid malicious hacking into your systems. Next, you need to purchase anti-virus software to keep those every growing menaces. And don’t forget about word processing software. Finished ?

This is for one single computer in your office/call center!!!! ( okay firewall may be common)

Then there are software for marketing, Customer survey, logo/pamphlet designs. They cost too and lot.

Made you think!!! Call me devil’s advocate ;).

Fortunately there are a plenty of open source software that can lower your costs. However if they don’t provide the features that you want, you will have to buy proprietary software.

Beware of all the purchases you have to do and make sure that you think of them in advance. Good planning is important.

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