Thirty ways, entrepreneurs are similar to rock stars

by Ashvini on January 20, 2011 · 3 comments

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Rock stars are known for their unmindful ways. They are reckless, full of ego and troublesome. On the other hand rockstars are brands in themselves, highly talented, hardworking professionals too.They rake in tonnes of money by creating songs and plays that others cannot even imagine. They are very creative and captivate crowds. They are reckless with money and often are penniless in the end. This is not to praise or demean them but to see them as they are. They are the risk takers, crowd pullers and they have a huge fan following.

entrepreneurs are similar to rock stars

An entrepreneur is not very different from a rockstar. Let us list out some of the similiraties between the two.

  1. Rockstars and Entrepreneurs are creators of ideas
  2. They are risk takers.
  3. They always go into areas where no one has gone before
  4. They develop their own style and create differentiation for their products
  5. Most of the time they go against established social norms, culture and beliefs
  6. They inspire thousands of followers to be like them
  7. When they become successful they earn unprecedented wealth
  8. They never worry if their product does not work. They continue developing their core strengths
  9. They never say no to any exciting idea
  10. They know their crowds well , how to woo them and keep them
  11. They most of the time start as individuals or group of people without any backing and then make it big
  12. They believe in their instincts
  13. They never say “I am not going to be successful”
  14. They are extremely rash with cash and need managers to maintain their money
  15. They do have a lot of ego
  16. They never say “enough”. They change with time and adapt
  17. They live life for today and never care for tomorrow
  18. They believe in themselves and their team
  19. They are survivors
  20. They always do plan ahead. A good concert is same as a good product or service
  21. For a rockstar, fan base is everything. For an entrepreneur loyal customer base is everything.
  22. Rockstars sing about today’s problems, entrepreneurs solve today’s problems
  23. They always deliver the same consistent performance or product in whatever or whichever condition
  24. They can tell the pulse of audience or customer by listening to them
  25. They work with their teams to reach their goals
  26. They are powerful personal brand in addition to their bands/companies
  27. They often meet customers and fans in order to get feedback about their products or music
  28. They are not afraid to experiment
  29. They always work with passion and commitment
  30. And and and….

  31. Finally they are always full of energy

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sid waykul February 15, 2012 at 11:26 am

nowww dtz what v call comparison ……thanks 4 one more amazingly rocking post
n yup keep rocking :-)


Ashvini Kumar Saxena February 15, 2012 at 10:14 pm

Thanks Sid :)


Aswani January 22, 2011 at 11:00 am

Interesting comparison and I love the way you have pointed out the similarities between both. I am not so huge fan of rockstars. Very rarely, I find time for all these…anyways, I learned something from your post. Keep writing :)


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