Customer Delight is not same as quality

by Ashvini on February 22, 2011 · 1 comment

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Hundreds of management books talk about customer delight.

Customer is delighted when a company goes beyond its reasonable, agreed upon services. Who would not want their customers to be delighted, after all?

But is it okay to say that you have not done the quality work if your customer is not delighted? After all customer delight is not often easy and raises customer’s expectations, sometimes for negative.

If I ask you which is better at quality, a small car (pick any) with a functional AC or a sedan with the latest gadgetry. The answer would be of course, Sedan, leaving aside all other factors.

The answer is, however not correct. A Sedan built to specification is of the same quality as a small car built to  its own specification. Quality is not about comparison between two products. It is about where you started and have you finished as desired.

So if your car is to get 10 features and it had all 10 while shipping, you have good quality. However a sedan with 10 features on offer can ship with only 9, it is bad quality.

I hope I was able to make it clear.

Customer Delight is not same as quality

Now coming back to customer delight. It is,yes, a very useful tool to satisfy your customer. But if you have been doing the things that you are expected, you are on right track. So a delivery at 4:00PM should happen at 4:00PM. If you can do it before that , it is great but if you can do it on time every time, you have quality process built in.

Trust me, customer will expect you to be consistent at all times rather than delight one time and disappoint at others.

Take your call.

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