Assembly lines can not product great code

by Ashvini on April 12, 2011 · 1 comment

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In a commodity economy, it is very easy to produce workers that do just what they are told. Every industry gets commoditizd in the end and work just becomes like an assembly line prodcution. It is very easy then just to hand out manuals , send the team to customer location and ask them to do something.

The reality strikes however when customer asks

“Where is the value? I know you can add that field to that screen but so many programmers can. Infact they are now getting programmers much cheaper than you are. So what else can you do?”

In my experience customer is not asking you to work extra for same money. He is asking your employees to be innovative ,think beyond the box and create the soutions that solve a problem. He  can hire a hundred programmers if all he wants is to write code.

Unfortunately, it cannot be done in the assembly line of coding. A code that is clear consistent and adapts itself is not easy to write and also it is not easy to find that person who can write such code.

But having that kind of person is the difference between your company and competitor. Some people are simply not indispensible( having heard a thousand times that everyone is indispensible). Yes everyone is, but at what cost? Cost of failed project, customer dissatisfaction and loss of reputation.

Hold on to that employee who does things differnetly. He is the one who can save you from being crushed under the weight of expectations.

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Aswain April 15, 2011 at 1:13 pm

Great post and very thoughtful. Out of the box thinking…this is what actually is required today especially from any software professional. No doubt, quality is missing over quantity. Sooner or later, businesses need to realize this and come up with a necessary solution which in this case would be more innovative and exceptionally performance oriented employees.

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