Hard work and smart work – Differences in working styles.

Are you a hard worker or a smart worker? As a hard worker how do you define your working style and its advantages and disadvantages. Let us examine this question in detail.

Major difference w.r.t. working style

A smarter worker is the one who does thing smartly. That means he knows people from whom he can get work done and will delegate to them.  He is more like a merchant who is out to make a sale. He believes in delegation of work while keeping minimal amount of work with him. He believes in coordination and managing things. A harder worker on the other hand puts long hours every day, probably doing the same thing again and again. A hard worker is like an artist who meticulously works on creating and fine tuning his art. He does not delegate and would like to do the work for himself.

Earning capacity, career growth

A smart worker will normally earn more and is quick to get career gains. By utilizing the conditions around him, he will be able to  create favorable environment which helps him to succeed much faster than a hard worker. A smart worker gets noticed fast, achieve faster career growth and is generally going to be wealthier than a hard worker. A smart worker gets the work done any how. He asks and cajole other colleagues into helping him. He talks in a glib  and persuasive manner. Bosses and clients love him.He earns bonus and promotions fast and frequently. Hard workers, usuallyare on their table trouble shooting the problems. They work for their own satisfaction rather than being worrying about creating impression on bosses. They are good at what they do and love their work.They get good at whatever technical field they are in. This however may lead to situations where they might not be promoted for higher posts or they themselves reject promotions. Hence the career in terms of upward rise is limited for people who work hard. An example is difference between a construction worker and a team manager. A construction worker knows his job very well and does everything by himself while a team manager has a team of competent people working under him.

Professional reputation

A hard worker's reputation is based on years of hard work and meticulousness. He is trusted to be professional and competent. His opinion is most often sought as an expert. A smart worker on the other hand has great reputation with the management. He is the kind of person who gets the deal done. He is is successful in careers such as sales and consulting.He brings revenue to the company and is thus often termed as a star performer.

Source of motivation

While a smart worker derives his happiness from the deals he made and the work he got done , hard worker is happy to solve difficult  problems  he encountered in course of his work.

Disadvantages when someone is too much preoccupied with his own style of work

People with both kinds of personalities taken to extreme, are equally vulnerable. A smart worker who takes his smartness to extreme ,is often seen as an egoistic self centered personality. He is seen as a person who will get the work done even if it means trampling over others. He is seen as a manipulative person who is utterly selfish. In long term, this person will have to face resentment from colleagues and subordinates. He has every chance that his project would be a failure because people would not enjoy working with him. A hard worker who works  too hard makes himself invisible and non-promotable. For a great career or business success, meeting people and networking is an essential task. A hard working person however will put his more time on the desk and lesser into meeting with others. As a result he might be seen as cold and unapproachable. A hard worker due to his lack of people skills will often be a failure at managing projects and people. He will take upon him everything that he feels others cannot do. He might suffer burnout from too much work.