Self motivated employees- Great for business

Highly self motivated employees are present in almost all organizations. They make build great customer engagement and brand reputation. Such employees are the stars of company. A company's image is enhanced when these employees engage their customers and make sure that they come back for more. They focus on the result and making it personal agenda to make the customer happy. I have often talked about how I encountered funny situations(the strange case of customer dissatisafction - 1 and the strange case of customer dissatisafction - 2) when dealing with employees and the companies they work in. This time however, I had the fortune of meeting self motivated employees whom I would hire (or poach)  instantly.

Highly self motivated responsive employee -One

I was  to receive a courier sent by my father in law. As usual (see how disappointed I am ;)  already), the local franchise was uncooperative and difficult to reach. Tired up of following up , I decided to call up their customer care center. I was expecting a non-friendly voice on the other end. To my surprise, a man in the most nicest of tones asked me what the issue was. It took me a minute or two to explain my situation. He told me not to call the local franchise anymore and that he will take care of the issue. He guaranteed that courier will be at my home within one hour. He also told me his name, in case I wanted to call and check again. Really speaking, the courier landed at my door in forty minutes. Wow, that is twenty minutes lesser than an hour!!!!If that is not customer delight, what is?

Highly self motivated responsive employee -Two

My wife and me wanted to purchase clothes for my sister's newborn baby. At the mall that we often go to, customer-friendly are two words kept far from each other. While searching for the clothes and getting confused from a plethora of choices , we met an exceptional lady employee. She immediately understood our needs , collected everything what we were looking for and brought it to us. We were so delighted that we almost bought everything that she showed to us. She saved us so much time and effort. In the she got a sale while we got what we wanted.

Highly self motivated responsive employee -Three

During our weekly grocery shopping, we were stuck in a long queue, waiting for weighing and labeling vegetables, for billing. Seeing our plight, a lady employee opened a new counter and called us to that. She then started punching the labels like a machine. It was amazing because she knew about one hundred codes of various vegetables, by heart. Her fingers were running on the keyboard just like a virtuoso guitarists finger on a guitar. We were done in less than two minutes. When I told her that she was really fast, she just smiled and continued. What is my take from these incidents? Every organization have certain employees that are so customer focused that they need not be trained or told to do something. They are naturally good. They are the one's that make your organization different and better than your competitors. Here are some of their traits.
  1. They are result oriented
  2. They understand and comprehend customer needs
  3. They are responsive
  4. They are smart and fast thinkers
  5. They get better and better with time
  6. They love to help customers
  7. They are intrinsically motivated
  8. The immediate reward they get is customer satisfaction and thank you's
  9. They are potential leaders of tomorrow
  10. They will be gone if you don't take care of them
By keeping such employees and treating them well a business gains customer confidence and sales. I have listed down how these employees help their business.
  1. They increase customer engagement
  2. They help build repeat customer
  3. They do not need to be motivated externally
  4. Customers recognize them faster and love to connect with them
  5. They get in more sales per interaction
  6. They serve with smile - better customer engagement
  7. They inspire other employees to do better
  8. They are model employees
  9. They probably don't need training in soft skills
  10. They are persuasive and get sales every time they engage with a customer.
Did it make you look out for such employees? Do have some stories to share? I would love to hear them.