Hard work and great friends got a +1 for me

I got PR 1 for my blog a day back. I am really happy to see that the effort that I made have paid off. Many of my friends too have got an uptick in their page rank while a few did suffer some disappointment (not much a worry though). [caption id="attachment_2338" align="alignleft" width="295" caption="+1"][/caption] Approximately one year back, I was sitting on a failed venture. I had put in a lot of money in the venture and in return got unexpected disappointment. There were days when I worked very hard to set up my office, talk to vendors and hire employees while also doing every imaginable possible thing in the world. Not only I had idea but also I executed it to a very good degree. Everything was set and I was ready for good days. Unfortunately good days never came and I was left with a very few customer orders. I soon came to an understanding that I would be left with no money, if I don’t find a way. Unfortunately my talking to VCs did not yield much result and in the end I was forced to close the business. Maybe it was not enough marketing , not enough networking or not having enough finances. Whatever be the reason my venture had failed and I had to close it down. Though it was not devastating( because I was prepared for it), it was saddening. The venture was a product of my hard work and it was sad to see it close down. In a few days, I thought that it was the time when I shared my experience and knowledge with entrepreneurs who are facing similar challenges. But how? Suddenly I realized that I liked writing, having written a short story book before. A little research later, I realized that I could share my experience with the world in form of a blog. I could write stuff that people would read and enjoy. I went ahead and purchased the domain on which you are reading this post. It was really a new experience for me . My old venture was run on the site name purchased by reseller. I was never comfortable with that but I was new to the internet field and thus I could not do much if I had to get my venture up and running in less time. This time however, I learned about how to purchase a domain. The name was ingeniously created as aks ( Ashvini Kumar Saxena) + blog with a dash in between ;). I went ahead and purchased a book on SEO to understand how to rank on Google. But it was clear in a few days that blog world is much more competitive now then a few years back. Few years back layout, SEO etc were not that much high on agenda of bloggers. All you had to was write the content and Google indexed it. As I ventured into the blogging world, I kept on learning about technologies such as PHP, CMS such as Wordpress. Coming from a propriety software company, it was very difficult to understand how open source worked. It took me days and nights of effort to understand each and everything of them. Soon I learned about HTML, CSS and installed wordpress on my blog. The learning process never ended as I figured out that there are hundred of things that still were needed to be learnt more. I wrote my first post and can you imagine it was about movie “inception”. Then there were two or three posts about things I was learned about ( say how to install wordpress , analytics etc. ) . These were obviously, basics for people who have been blogging for years but it was a sea change for me( and I think to everyone who wants just to write posts and do nothing else ;) ). Social media was not on horizon at all. Friends on facebook were not interested in my blog while twitter did not tweet anything useful. For at least three months, I kept on posting articles on the blog in the hope of someone noticing my content.I got about three to four visitor per day and unfortunately they came and left spammy comments.I would chuckle at the count and then see the comments. They often had only two words in them. “Nice Post”, “excellent post”, “thank you”. Meanwhile, I also decided to make money from my blog( though it was too early). I applied for adsense twice with Google and they rejected my application because of the fact that my site was not six months old.( yeah, we in India work for quality and Google wants to see our blogs reach to a certain standards ;) ) It was really frustrating and I started to give up again. One day while searching for my blog on Google, I came across a site similar to my blog. I read a post and commented on it. In a day or two , my comment on the site had a reply and I was thrilled to read the reply. Then a fascinating thing happened. The blog owner(and now my dear friend), Aswani Srivastava read my posts and put a comment stating that he liked what I wrote. It took me some time to realize that I should go and comment on his site regularly. Soon we started commenting on each other sites and also became friends on Facebook. I understood that other than just creating post, I should get involved , get engaged in community of people with similar interests. I started searching for bloggers( usually from comments left by them on various top blogs).   Today I can boast of a number of friends from internet ( ever growing) who inspire me and motivate me to write more. Here is a list of of friends who I thank for all their comments, responses, keeping up with my boring equations(esp Robert ;) )  , motivating, charging, arguing, agreeing, mentoring, disagreeing, smiling wherever and in whatever capacity. I would like to let you know that they have awesome blogs each and are experts and gurus in their own fields. My apologies, if I missed someone. I would also thank my wife Shilpa More Saxena because she has been an awesome inspiration in high and low times and taught so much to me. In the course of my blogging journey , yesterday, I received a page rank of 1 which I think is because of support of all my friends and their support and encouragement in tough days. Of course there are lessons learned from my fall and rise in the entrepreneurial world which I would like to share with you all over a session of beer ;) and in my next post.