How to deal with the naysayers in a positive way?

I am sure that if you are an entrepreneur or want to become one, the first thing  you hear is “Why do you…”. Naysayers are everywhere. They brag about how something cannot be done or why a market is too difficult to crack.  The charge of naysayer brigade is often unnerving to an entrepreneur who already faces a lot challenges in his work. Even the bravest of entrepreneur will find it demotivating. Here are a few examples of  some of the naysayers I met
How do you earn? It cannot be done.... I know the market and its choc a bloc.... Too much competition.... You will run out of money.... Be safe and careful...
I am sure you would have met yours . How do we deal with such enormous amount of negativity that they use to pulls us down .

#1 Simplest technique: Ignore them

It is one of the really simple technique that you can apply. If you know someone who is a demotivating to you and if you can possibly switch off the connection , you should. The better you are away from the negative energy source, the better you are.

#2 Avoid discussing your business details : Need to know only

Often people want to know what you or your business is doing? They want to know everything because they want to pick holes somewhere.  In such a case apply "Need to know" principal. Decide how much you are going to tell her depending on your past experience with the person.

#3 Use diversion tactic

Everyone knows that it takes time to make a business turn profitable. People would still want to know how fast you are making money. One way to avoid such questions is to divert the talk. If they start with “So how much you have made in last month?”,you may turn it to for e.g. “How is your family? How is your work?” . I am sure that would end the topic. If you do it often, you will probably never get questioned again.

#4 Rationalize if you believe the opinion is genuine

Not all people are naysayers. Some may ask you questions genuinely because they are interested in what you are doing . In that case, you may tell them about your business. Always add optimistic note in the end. Maybe they will be inspired too. You will definitely want to increase your tribe and reality with a dose of optimism helps.

#5 Meet and network with positive people:

You can find a few positive people everywhere. I have a friend who always appreciates whatever I am doing . It is thus useful to find such people and befriend them so that you can learn from them and stay positive.

#6 Talk about your successes however small they are:

Whenever you meet a naysayer, talk about your achievements. They may be about a new client win, or increase in blog traffic or anything else. Naysayers usually keep their opinion to themselves when they see that other side is optimistic.

#7 Try to convince naysayers that their belief is not quite right:

Once an old associate of mine tried to dissuade me to start my own work. His logic was that challenges of a business caused friction within the family. I knew he was telling about his true personal experience. But, in the end, I told him that it would not happen to me and if it does, I am prepared for it. Ultimately, he was convinced that he was  being too negative. I have not heard any negative thing from him since then. It may be difficult though to use this tactic and it may lead to argument. So use this only when the other side has an open mind

#8 Read positive things

Entrepreneurship is challenging but its fun as well. I read books by a few famous entrepreneurs . I try to learn how they coped with the challenges  in life. I often read inspirational quotes on internet. Also inspirational blogs by other entrepreneurs can go a long way to keep you on track. I recommend three blogs by these writers Adrienne Smith, Ryan Chritchett and Sonia Winland.   You will find a lot of business wisdom in each of these blogs.

#9 Keep working

If you ever meet a naysayer when you are really having a bad time, you need to have confidence in yourself. If you stop work you are allow the circumstances to take control of you. Do not give up and keep working.

#10 Respect your work and believe in it

Your work , however large or small, earning or not earning is your own work, your pride. Richard Branson started with selling magazines in college, Bill Gates started in a Garage, Linus Torvalds wrote Linux from his home. They started small and made it big. They believed in themselves and their vision. How do you deal with naysayers? Is there anything I missed? Please share your experiences with me .