A tribute to great men and women of 26/11 – Employees of Taj Hotel

by Ashvini on November 27, 2012

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Taj Hotel Taj Hotel ( from wikipedia)

I heard a story about 26/11. I don’t know if it is true .

A guest in the Taj Hotel in Mumbai which was attacked by terrorist dared to open a bottle of expensive wine to drink from, while it was being attacked. One of the employee saw him doing that and stopped him. He was angered by this interruption. But the employee politely told him that he was using the wrong glass for the wine and proceeded to hand him over the right glass. Such is their customer service.

This story may or may not be true, however it is true that employees in that hotel were not willing to leave the hotel till the guests were safe enough. Some part of it has been captured here. http://blogs.wsj.com/indiarealtime/2010/11/26/qa-harvard-study-on-taj-employee-heroism/.

The blog at http://hbr.org/2011/12/the-ordinary-heroes-of-the-taj/ar/1 explains how they continued doing their duty with their lives in danger. Thanks to authors for the article.

The exceptional courage of employees at Taj is worth mentioning.

I am a regular customer of Taj Hotels and very loyal one too(from long before 26/11 took place). They are the best when it comes to hospitality and they never fail to take care of their customers . But I was surprised when I heard the stories of bravery shown by them during the attack. It was frankly unheard of anywhere in the world.

I bow my head to such courage . I will continue to be their loyal customer. After all its they who have indebted this nation and humanity by their act.

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