Organizing your business around IT and not vice versa

by Ashvini on December 14, 2012

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Most of companies have a very strange approach to Information Technology. A large number of companies use IT as service function like they do with any other department ( for e.g. purchasing or logistics). That means that IT is relegated to the background operations of billing , account keeping , payroll etc. If the company is slightly more tech. oriented, it create websites and a few systems to help support its operations. Still IT’s potential remains unlocked. IT remains a service department, one that you call when something is not right and needs to be repaired.

Let us say that your company decides to move IT from just being a service function to the core of decision making. That means all your product decisions, logistics , supply decisions are made from the analysis done using IT products.

Here are a few questions that good analysis can throw up.

  • Who are your top customers?
  • Which is your top product line?
  • How has your customer orders varied across time period and geographies?
  • Who pays fast and who delays the most?
  • Which suppliers are most cost effective?
  • Who are your most profitable salespeople?
  • And many others….

Every department can analyze  data to come up with answers to such questions. Your organization may become more efficient and customer oriented. For a great example, look at Amazon. They use IT to get the most benefit. One look at their website and you can see how they mine the data and get useful information out of  it.

To all businesses( large or small) using IT just as support services, make your business IT centric and see the change.

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