Why education should be made interesting?

History is a great subject, equally interesting as science. However , in schools history is treated as just another subject, to be crammed at home and spitted in the exam. One rarely learns from what history actually teaches us. I did my schooling years back and I remembered was that despite my deep interest in science, I liked history too very much. However more than the  text book of history I liked a comic series known as Amar Chitra Katha . Loosely translated as the legends that never die and expressed in pictorial forms, Amar Chitra Katha was my source of history. It taught me far more bigger concepts about history than any other text book did.

Why the text books need to be so boring ?

Unfortunately the purpose of academics in school is still to force students to cram unnecessary details like remembering figure of years( for eg 1867 )  when something took place in history rather than the impact it had on the world. This can render even the most exciting subject to dullest ever. Even science is made dull because of overly high level of details which does not make any sense to young minds. In this video , Tyler Dewitt talks about how a really difficult subject in science can be made easy to understand to the students if taught creatively.  

Why should we make education interesting ?

The application of education has been to analyze things around us and then innovate and think independently. In today’s world, being ordinary is just not okay. One needs to find their sweet spot and build on it. If the kids’ imagination is not fired today, it is quite unlikely that a lot of them will go out and create extraordinary things. To stand out in the competition, it is not just good enough for society to create legions of literate people who cannot think for themselves. We need more entrepreneurs, innovators and thinkers. It starts right there at the school level. Education should be able to trigger creativity rather than boredom.