Do you really want to be an entrepreneur?

by Ashvini on March 18, 2014 · 4 comments

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If you want to start your own business or enterprise, you would have already asked this question to yourself plenty of times. You don’t need the “it” factor. All you need is commitment, dream and hard work.

Let me help you with some pointers that will help you decide, if you are ready for entrepreneurship.

You have the drive and passion to see the things through

Entrepreneurship does not exists with passion and drive. You will need to be on relentless drive irrespective of failures which will definitely occur on the way. Without the passion, you will get tired and lose the focus.

You have the ability to sustain yourself in stress

Entrepreneurship is stressful. It is like sitting in a small boat while surfing through very choppy waters of ocean. Business environments may change, competition may emerge and your finances may be in dire straits. The stress, when things do not work for long periods, could be huge. If you are willing to put through the stress, you are set for entrepreneurship.

You have a desire to make an impact on the world however small it is

Entrepreneurs do not start a project because they want to only make money. They see inefficiencies, they desire change and they want to make an impact on the world. If you possess such a fire that you can think of an idea and then take it to the finish, you are fit for entrepreneurship.

You have the right capacity or resources to convert an idea it into a unique product / service

An entrepreneur takes an idea for which there  supposedly no market exists. For example in a location where local chains rule, ID-10022958starting an online store would be an entrepreneurial idea. However to an observer, market for such a service may not exist.

It is the job of entrepreneur to not only take the idea to the market but convince buyers of his product/service. If you have the resource or capacity to do this, you are an entrepreneur.

You are willing to continuously learn new things and not be scared or tired of them

Entrepreneurship is about adaptability. Entrepreneur should always be ready to learn  things that are  beneficial to business. They need to be like chameleons which can change their colors based on survival needs. If you are ready for continuous learning without a stop sign, welcome to the club.

You are willing to let go benefits that come with a cushy job for few years

There are hundreds of things that you lose when you become an entrepreneur. Those include company of your colleagues, a relaxed work atmosphere, pleasure of getting cheque at the month end etc.

That is a price that you will pay to achieve something in your life. However it is not all that bad. You will make new contacts, learn new things, explore your zones of discomfort. If you are ready to let go of things that seem important now, you are ready for entrepreneurship.

You have a desire to dream

Entrepreneurship is nothing but a dream. The dream may be fulfilling or shattering. It is still a dream and you need to be prepared to handle it however it goes. If you cannot dream though, you will not go anywhere.

Otherwise, the world is all yours.

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Atinder May 16, 2014 at 11:35 am

I really want to be an expert entrepreneur, but i know it is not going to be easy with so much competition around. Still i am trying my best, doing all the hard work to get on the top. I hope my dreams come true and i become a successful entrepreneur.

Adrienne March 18, 2014 at 8:17 pm

Hi Ashvini,

When I started this journey I never considered myself an entrepreneur. I’m not the kind of person who takes risks. I’m a planner, I know what’s happening next and I have to know where my next pay check is coming from.

But I got to a point in my life where I wanted more. I’ve had several family members do very well with their own business and my Dad actually encouraged me in my early 20’s to go into business for myself but what he was suggesting I do at that time was NOT what I wanted to spend my life doing.

I’m glad I took this plunge but you definitely have to have the drive, determination and the will to succeed because it’s always going to be a bumpy road.

Thank you for sharing this and boy do I ever agree with you here.


Amiti March 18, 2014 at 5:58 pm

Hi Ashvini,

Today it seems like everyone thinks that he or she can be an entrepreneur, but no one realizes the sacrifices it takes. Without the right mindset and a lot of motivation, starting a startup can be bad.

TUSHAR TAJANE March 18, 2014 at 2:54 pm

That was a good read indeed Ashvini :)
Thanks for sharing

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