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by Ashvini on September 8, 2014 · 4 comments

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Testimonials are all powerful devices to help your buyer move more closer to the sales.

There are two kinds of testimonials

a) Testimonials that are written by the company itself/its employees/pr agencies: They look artificial. ( That is why TripAdvisor has an “advisory” against fake or perfect testimonials).

These testimonials

  • are mostly  one liners
  • have fake names
  • have photographs of models instead of real people
  • have no reference to the writer of testimonials

I recently read such a testimonial and I instantly knew it was fake. People can see through the falsehood most of the time.

b) Testimonials that are written by real users of your product:


I once asked users to provide one paragraph of testimonial to my plugin Share Juice Pro, which they had been using for sometimes now. To my surprise , they came back with really long testimonials , which I did not imagine.

One of the buyer actually created a video about how to use the plugin. To me that was the most satisfying thing that could ever happen as a seller.

Here is what I learned from putting testimonials on my site

  1. Testimonials convert. I have seen a successful wordpress plugin selling by dozens not only because it was a great product but that it was recommended and re-recommended
  2. Ask for them. People rarely get time for writing testimonial but if asked they will glad to do so.
  3. Ask for unbiased opinion: Do not ask them to write only goody goody stuff or it will again start looking fake
  4. Ask as many as you can: There cannot be too less of them
  5. Display them prominently: They help lowering barrier to buying by pushing user more closer to end of buying cycle. So if you got them , flaunt them.
  6. Display references: A testimonial without reference may be considered fake. Without revealing too much personal information, add reference to testimonial writer so that it gives the impression, that real people are writing the testimonial
  7. Give products for trial period: Let people try your product and ask for opinion. They might not buy but ask them if they could provide feedback which you could use.
  8. Build relationship: It is hard to build relationship. Keep working on it and building relationships. That would get more people interested in you and your product.

Great testimonials act as +1 to your sales funnel strategy. Utilize them to the maximum extent possible.

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Adrienne September 11, 2014 at 2:35 am

Hey Ashvini,

I agree, testimonials that really share something about the product or the person behind it if it’s for consulting is priceless.

When I first started asking for testimonials too I was floored when the first few I got in were like the length of an article. My goodness, I was so flattered but people will believe those over any other I believe.

Anyone can write a one liner and that’s not really telling me what I want to know either about the product, service or person. I want to know more about it and their experience before I buy and as you said, they help with the conversions because those are real people.

Wow, you got a video about how to use it. That’s awesome Ashvini and I can imagine how excited you were. But Share Juice Pro rocks so there is a lot to share.



Ashvini September 11, 2014 at 2:50 pm

Hi Adrienne,

Not only about how to use Share Juice Pro but also a number of educational videos to help bloggers . You may want to check that out.

Thanks for your comment and have a great day :)


Emebu September 10, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Hello Ashvin,
I agree with you, testimonies are essential tools for the overall success of any business, it help prospects take decision fast.


Ashvini September 11, 2014 at 2:53 pm

Thanks Emebu for your comment and sorry for delay in replying.


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