Are you an ideal team manager?

There are hardly a few ideal managers I met in my life. One of the most ideal managers are our wives/husbands ( if readers are married ). They work so hard to keep the house neat and clean and to keep it running. In office ideal manager is one who does his/her job of keeping the team competitive as well as cooperative.

Here is what else an ideal manager does

  • take the blame and transfer the credit
  • praise in public and rebuke in private
  • be fair to all team members in appraisal time and without any personal bias
  • will keep his team in good humour
  • learn how not to panic in tricky situations and also he will teach them to his members
  • will stand up for his team member when he knows that they are right.
  • coordinate and resolve the conflicts rather than playing upon them
  •  mentor his team members
  • ask his mentees to mentor new team members
  • be flexible with personal issues of team members yet firm on the project objectives
  • create backup of team members and also ask them to learn cross-functional things in addition to their own
  • keep abreast of technological changes
  • be willing to learn from his subordinates
  • develop a leadership team below him which is ready to take over once he leaves the position
  •  reward performance and advise improvements where he observes lack of it
  • take up coordinator role where cross-team projects are involved

An ideal team manager in return for this will get following

  1. A happy team satisfied with workplace
  2. More retention, less attrition
  3. Higher productivity
  4. Willingness by team members to take initiatives
  5. Team members owning up mistakes
  6. Aspiration to emulate the team manager
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