Six steps to boost office productivity

September 3, 2014

Today’s guest post is from Vaishnavi Kanekal. Most of the entrepreneurs are so busy worrying about the dwindling employee productivity to even look around to see if they have walked into their office! It’s true, employee engagement is one of the big concerns for all the entrepreneurs. A study confirmed that only 13% of the […]

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Do you get the problem of noise vs. sound ?

August 25, 2014

According to Wikipedia, a) Noise is an unwanted sound. b) It is not random c) It makes it difficult to hear the right sound. Entrepreneurs do hear a lot of noise. The noise that is all around us, both positive and negative. The positive noise tells us that how cool it is to be an […]

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Four ways to improve customer service

February 11, 2014

Have you ever been in a customer service situation where the customer service person is unavailable or is unresponsive to your needs? Often a customer needs to punch in many numbers through his/her phone before reaching an agent. There is more irritation to the customer if the phone disconnects after that. Customer service is perceived […]

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Lack of trust: Why customers don’t buy

February 4, 2014

Despite all the best advertising, often the sales lag dismally. More advertising dollars are needed to get more sales. It is really hard for  self-financed small business owner to stretch the budget to make sales. In his article in Harvard Business Review here, Steve Martin lists out a few important reasons a customer may not […]

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Building your brand on other platforms: Facebook Reach loss

January 28, 2014

Facebook is a great place to build an audience which extends worldwide. Facebook can be utilized to spread brand message to thousands of followers. People have put Facebook Like Boxes on their site because it is so easy to build a brand image and attract people by sharing content. Just post your message and viola […]

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The problem with product manuals

January 22, 2014

Do you ever read a manual ? If not you are not alone. I don’t think many buyers would like to read manuals unless they it is impossible to make product work without manual. The first thing they want to do is to open the package and start playing around with whatever they have ordered. […]

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Traits of managers that entrepreneurs could utilize

January 14, 2014

Management and Entrepreneurs are mostly considered opposites. I believe it is not a right thing to do. Management is an essential function of business and no matter how bad a few managers are, management as a concept cannot be whisked away Here are a few things I believe managers do better than entrepreneurs. There may […]

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Reviving a falling business

September 24, 2013

Recently I went to a bookshop which was one of the best bookshops in the city. It is located in a five star hotel, which means that it attracts premier clientele. A good location and good clientele may indicate that the shop is probably raking in profits. However it was actually in a sad state. […]

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Empowered employees – Asset for your company

August 27, 2013

Empowering the employees is good for business. During my recent vacation ( because of which I missed a few posts ), I had chance to stay at  a well known hotel and experience its great hospitality. The thing that struck me most was the sense of empowerment each employee had. The housekeeping person was empowered […]

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Belated Happy Birthday to AKS Blog

July 18, 2013

Though I am a little late in writing about it but I am very happy to tell you that my blog has complete three years of its existence. It has been a fortunate experience that I have been able to stay and write about things I like. The blog has been hit by Penguin , […]

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