How over-ambition can destroy your business?

October 8, 2014

Have you as an entrepreneur gone out and spend like crazy in order to gain a brand visibility? Have you offered discounts so that you can make the most of the situation. It seems Flipkart, the competitor to Amazon in India has already gone ahead and done that. In the rush for getting more eyeballs […]

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How does one create trust with the customer?

August 19, 2014

How does one create trust with the customer? Often by dealing with the first contact. During my recent travel with my family I made an unscheduled stopover and walked in a hotel. When I asked for the room, the manager did something intelligent. He showed me a room that was beautiful and probably one of […]

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Knowing customers key to keeping them forever

July 21, 2014

Recently I ordered an item from an online portal. When the item reached me and I opened it , I was pleasantly surprised to see something unexpected. With every product that we buy, there is invoice and probably a manual on how to use the product. Here though there was something additional. It was a […]

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Dealing with Clients from Hell

June 17, 2014

In all our working life, most of us would vouch working for a client who is tough and demanding. . Dealing with such a client is a stressful affair. With their overbearing nature, all they do is to create difficulty for project team members. So why are they clients from hell? setting their own timeline […]

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How to best serve your customers ?

May 27, 2014

There are so many channels that an entrepreneur can leverage to keep in contact with the customer. A few years back only options were telephone, snail mail or email. With the proliferation of social media, new avenues of customer engagement and interactions have come up. Social media is such a new channel. Since this blog […]

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Why is hiring for potential a good idea ?

May 12, 2014

Look at this pattern: a) advertise position b) get resumes c) scan resume for experience d) interview candidate e) hire the candidate. This is how most of the industries hire people. I believe that is very inefficient way of hiring people. There are a lot of good people that get filtered off in this process. […]

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Four ways to improve customer service

February 11, 2014

Have you ever been in a customer service situation where the customer service person is unavailable or is unresponsive to your needs? Often a customer needs to punch in many numbers through his/her phone before reaching an agent. There is more irritation to the customer if the phone disconnects after that. Customer service is perceived […]

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Why a call to the customer solves most of the problems?

February 7, 2013

How often it has happened that your subordinate has exchanged furious mails with customer up to the point of confrontation, that you had to step in? A project situation escalates due to a difference in opinion, quality of things delivered and many other things. Emails start cordially at first but soon turn nasty. Things escalate […]

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Stand up for your employees when they make mistakes

November 15, 2012

In a recent incident, someone scolded an person I had employed. There was a small mistake on his part. But the response of the person scolding him was terrible and she demanded that he be fired for this mistake. While I agreed to the mistake and apologized, I was quite upfront telling her that she […]

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Will you be an undercover boss?

November 13, 2012

A very interesting series on TV , the undercover boss takes one through a emotional tumbling ride. Top level ( CX and VP) managers are disguised as common people(minus all the suits) and sent to work with the folks who are at the bottom of organizational hierarchy. In this role they learn about what they […]

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