How to get a stuck project moving again ?

May 29, 2012

Projects often get stuck because people working in them cannot agree on the problem. It seems that many projects are into endless collisions of ego and full of supposedly insurmountable problems. Often these happen because a)  of involvement of ego b) desire to keep the status quo –> to keep the job or billing c) […]

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Office politics is a strong productivity killer

April 2, 2012

Office politics is one of the huge factors leading to loss in productivity. Office politics not only demoralizes workforce but also brings out the deep seated inefficiencies in the system. An office workplace like every other workplace is full of opposing forces. There are people who would like to see a project succeed and others […]

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Hiring the right candidate for your small business company

February 28, 2012
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Hiring is a tough decision for the entrepreneur. Hiring mistakes may cost a small company  lot of money. Unfortunately, most of the hiring is done in haste without proper planning. Most of the hiring happens for fulfilling short term demands. While that strategy may save costs in the short run, it is not right for […]

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Talent Management – Are organizations doing enough for the same ?

February 7, 2012

This is a guest post by Aswani Shrivastava I don’t know exactly where to start from. Apart from being a blogger, I have also been handling sales and marketing operation for a software product here in my company from last 3 years. To be very honest, I would have never ever thought of being into […]

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From a manager to a leader

February 2, 2012

A manager’s job is to manage employees and resource in order to achieve the organization goals. A typical manager has to follow everyday plan,check daily targets and then work towards achieving them.Also he/she needs to set up targets for employees. Once his/her and team’s targets are met he may or may not strive beyond them. […]

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Reasons for ineffective Performance appraisal

January 3, 2012

Performance appraisal a tool using which organization assess employees by comparing their performance  to the goals that were set at the start of the year. However performance appraisals rarely meet stated objective. Often performance appraisal is treated as a mere formality. Performance appraisal is a great tool only if used correctly. Here are a few […]

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High cost of employee resignation

December 20, 2011

Treating two employees with similar skill sets as same is not correct. The assumption behind such thinking is that one employee may replace another with ease or just minor difficulty. In my opinion , this makes no sense. Employees are not parts of machine that can be replaced by another when the machine malfunctions. An […]

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Tips to improve employee productivity – Part 1

November 18, 2011

A lot of People don’t start their own business because it is more demanding than a 9to 5 job. However these days, even 9 to 5 jobs are  almost like business and the business risk partly falls on employees’ shoulders a bit. If for example, organization does not perform well, the employees lose bonus and […]

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Managing Business Paperwork: 10 important tips

October 7, 2011
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Paper arrives in tides of mail every day and must be conquered to prevent loss of important papers that require action. Sources of inbound mail can be managed and even eliminated through some specific efforts to reduce the floods. Action is required to reduce the amount of paper in the office because of the time […]

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Benefits and reasons for failure of Open Door policy

September 28, 2011
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This is the part of series of articles on “How to manage team effectively” If you have ever worked in a corporate world,you  would know about the term “ Open door policy”. It means that employees are encouraged to walk in a manager’s room and discuss grievance with her right on the spot. Wikipedia says this about […]

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