My Personal Thoughts

My Personal Thoughts

Would you reinvent the wheel ?

August 6, 2014

Reinventing a wheel is a stirring topic. On the one hand, a great product/software is almost un-replicable. They are huge in size and usually provide support for everything that one can imagine. Nothing seems “out of scope” in that. On the other hand, there is something that a user is looking for, which the product […]

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Brand is you. You are the brand

July 30, 2014

Brand building is one of the most difficult exercise that any entrepreneur needs undertake . Brand building is a long term exercise, which goes beyond the Sales and marketing . Your core defines your brand. It is your personality, built into your product. If you are a person who loves solving problem, your product will […]

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Before you quit your business

June 24, 2014

Quitting a business is hard when one has put in the best years of life working on it. The challenges of keeping business profitable often prompt us to think about quitting it altogether. Here are a few reasons that I believe may cause one to quit a business. a) Passion: If you liked something before […]

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Entrepreneur and confidence

April 23, 2014

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, life is obviously more difficult when compared to that which comes with a job. For the people who left their high paying careers and moved into entrepreneurship, memories of getting a paycheck every month seems like nostalgia. Whether you are an experienced person trying to become an entrepreneur […]

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Can every expense be called an investment ?

April 15, 2014

What is the most important thing that can shut down entrepreneurs’ work in a moment? Simple! It is called as “Money”. The day money is over, the business shuts down. Still not many give a thought to money management though. Money must be spent. If your main business is graphic design, you cannot deliver without […]

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Going out of the way

October 30, 2013

What are the objective of consultant , salesman or a CEO of a company? To sell things and to make money, of course. The secondary ( and equally important ) objective is to make them come back for more. Most of the consultant, companies and salesmen lose out exactly after that first sale. Take for […]

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How malls and entrepreneurs can win together?

October 23, 2013

Slowing economy and gloomy forecast has taken wind out of business from malls . It is reported that 90% of malls are running on losses. In the heyday of economic times, it was not possible to get a square feet of mall space without paying astronomical rent. My first business started in a rented house […]

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Leadership as a solution to office politics

October 16, 2013

Office politics is a reality, whether we like it or not.  Unfortunately, if the politics take precedence over competitiveness, the organization’s ability to respond to the change in business climate diminishes. The silos in the organization ensure that every department is tied up by its own reason of existence than the actual reason, of the […]

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Running after the fads

October 1, 2013

If you own a blog , you are often enticed by the deceptively sweet  emails that promise to take your blog to the top position on the web or get the best When you run a business, often a few people not with your best interest at heart, lure you into investing thousands of dollars […]

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Beating the Overwhelming blues

September 4, 2013

Entrepreneurs are overwhelmed ! A small company or an entrepreneur has the problem of lesser resources at hand. That means they have to do most of the things by themselves They spend most of the time solving urgent problems and  spending lesser time on the things such as branding , marketing or business development. They […]

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