How does one create trust with the customer?

August 19, 2014

How does one create trust with the customer? Often by dealing with the first contact. During my recent travel with my family I made an unscheduled stopover and walked in a hotel. When I asked for the room, the manager did something intelligent. He showed me a room that was beautiful and probably one of […]

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Finding time for marketing

July 8, 2014

There is a part in me which wants to do things that I like the whole day. After all they do give me a lot of pleasure. I like coding plugins for WordPress, making app for android, writing a blog, creating videos for a YouTube Channel. However there is a part that says, that I […]

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Building business using social media

April 28, 2014

From JD Power’s study, “67% of consumers have used a company’s social media site for servicing, compared with 33% for social marketing”. Social media picked up pace a few years ago. Initially, to search for something, one had only a few options such as search engines (Google being the most dominant one). With entry of […]

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Why one needs to do things differently to stand out?

April 2, 2014

A tempting way to effect increase in sales and counter opposition is to add as many features as the competition has provided to the product. Some companies go beyond just adding features. They add comparison chart with one extra tick to show that their product is superior. The argument is how else they are supposed […]

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How to get ideas- James Webb Young

March 21, 2014

James Webb Young was a scholar of advertising. There is not much literature on the internet about him but here is entry from WikiPedia.   How to Get Ideas from Brandon George

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Advertising binds you, PR makes you free when you are starting

January 10, 2011

Public Relations :- The practice of managing communication between an organization and its publics. Public relations is a far better exercise when it comes to slowly building your brand reputation. Many new-entrepreneurs and businesses tend to concentrate a lot on advertising and less on Public Relations. While advertising is equivalent to shouting from the rooftop […]

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