Before you quit your business

June 24, 2014

Quitting a business is hard when one has put in the best years of life working on it. The challenges of keeping business profitable often prompt us to think about quitting it altogether. Here are a few reasons that I believe may cause one to quit a business. a) Passion: If you liked something before […]

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Avoid learning technology at your own peril

June 9, 2014

Talk to any person who is not clued into social media, chances are that they will deride it as a waste of time. Probably,  new technologies and ideas are more of a nuisance than help. A lot of family businesses for example, hardly invest in new technology. Many business in India that are even listed […]

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Harms of discount based pricing

April 25, 2014

I do not like discounting as a pricing strategy. To win customers often companies provide whole year discount. I believe that does not add value to the product and is more harmful than beneficial. This slides explains why discount based pricing strategy is not a great idea Discounting makes you work twice as hard. Here’s […]

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Can every expense be called an investment ?

April 15, 2014

What is the most important thing that can shut down entrepreneurs’ work in a moment? Simple! It is called as “Money”. The day money is over, the business shuts down. Still not many give a thought to money management though. Money must be spent. If your main business is graphic design, you cannot deliver without […]

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Starting a T Shirt Business ?

April 9, 2014

I read a post on Reddit that said the writer wishes that “T-shirt business is the most commoditized business and people are not going to be successful pursuing another T-Shirt business” be made sticky ( reworded). While I can understand the frustration of getting repeatedly asked the same kind of question, it definitely deserves an […]

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Business Planning for entrepreneurs

March 7, 2014

Today’s slide from Slide Share talks about business planning. It has good points on SWOT analysis ( my favorite ) Business Strategy A little bit of Project Management Enjoy!!! This presentation is by Richard Gabel

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Things I learned about customer service this weekend

March 4, 2014

I really don’t understand why companies leave customer service sections/department to unconcerned management and staff. This weekend was full of experience with three different businesses. Car rental service I had to take service from car rental services as I could not drive my own car for some reason. The driver reached at my place half […]

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The importance of planning in entrepreneur’s venture

January 19, 2012
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Planning is very important to every venture. It is more important to the entrepreneur’s venture because of the uncertainty of success and less room to make mistake. The entrepreneur’s focus is on the execution side and how to get the product to the market in the shortest amount of time so as to start earning […]

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Facebook vs Google ( plus ) :The battle continues

July 20, 2011

If there is a fascinating subject of warfare where no casualties occur but the battle goes on,it is  Google vs. Facebook battle. I love to analyze the battle that has been going on between two large companies, one a giant and another a social media titan. The giant Google has sounded the bugle. No longer […]

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Hard work and great friends got a +1 for me

June 28, 2011

I got PR 1 for my blog a day back. I am really happy to see that the effort that I made have paid off. Many of my friends too have got an uptick in their page rank while a few did suffer some disappointment (not much a worry though). Approximately one year back, I […]

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