Seven top differences between entrpreneurs and businessmen

October 11, 2010

Entrepreneurs and businessmen are most of the time interchangeably used. I too have been guilty of using one or the another at times. However, I feel that there is a significant difference between the way entrepreneurs run their venture and businesses run their operation. Entrepreneurship is all about assuming risk and accepting whatever rewards or […]

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Product features vs benefits – Buying/selling a product full of features?

September 8, 2010

Customer most of the time has common misconception that more feature means better product. Lot of times thinking goes like this “Well for the same price or lesser this company is offering a product with more features” The discussion ends up with comparing various products on an excel sheet layout.

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Country in a grip of Discount Mania

August 24, 2010

These days if you open any daily newspaper published in a major Indian city, you will find that there is a discount mania all around. Normally discounts are offered season wise and for a limited period. The purpose of discount is to jack up sales in a short term without actually classifying a brand as a discount player in the long term . The discounts helps clear old inventory or attract customers to new offerings.

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How to write a business objective in simple terms?

August 13, 2010

Writing down your business objectives is the first thing a businessman or entrepreneur should do. The business objective not only narrows down the business focus but also provides a guidance in terms of making further plans. It is a good idea to keep business objective simple and neat.

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