Starting a T Shirt Business ?

April 9, 2014

I read a post on Reddit that said the writer wishes that “T-shirt business is the most commoditized business and people are not going to be successful pursuing another T-Shirt business” be made sticky ( reworded). While I can understand the frustration of getting repeatedly asked the same kind of question, it definitely deserves an […]

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Why one needs to do things differently to stand out?

April 2, 2014

A tempting way to effect increase in sales and counter opposition is to add as many features as the competition has provided to the product. Some companies go beyond just adding features. They add comparison chart with one extra tick to show that their product is superior. The argument is how else they are supposed […]

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A small guide for service creators on living with and surviving competition and commoditization

February 12, 2013

A friend of mine was expressing sadness at the fact that the work he is doing is paying really less these days. There is huge competition and since supply is high and clients are not averse to bargaining. In the age of internet where you can get services as cheap as $5, I feel the […]

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Playing catch up with commoditization

April 25, 2011

Technology evolves at extreme ruthless pace. What is useful in existence today is going to be replaced tomorrow. Al Ries talks about loss of usefulness in his book “The rise of PR”. He mentions that whatever thing loses its usefulness becomes an art. Some ( or many) years back horses were used to draw the […]

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