Why is hiring for potential a good idea ?

May 12, 2014

Look at this pattern: a) advertise position b) get resumes c) scan resume for experience d) interview candidate e) hire the candidate. This is how most of the industries hire people. I believe that is very inefficient way of hiring people. There are a lot of good people that get filtered off in this process. […]

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Types of employees every organization has

January 13, 2012

Every organization has employees who are a combination of following characterstics S- Speak a lot ( communicate well) W- Work  a lot,( excel at work) DS – Don’t speak a lot ( do their work quietly) DW- Don’t work a lot( poor performers)     The right hand side is the most desirable workforce.The top […]

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Should employees express themselves on social networking site?

July 12, 2010

Social networking is a very useful tool to be in touch with one’s family and friends. However, it can assume  a strong dimension, when used in corporate world. Information leaks, criticism and unfavorable opinions on a social networking site can have disastrous consequence for a company. The easy way out  obviously, is to warn employees […]

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