Do you get the problem of noise vs. sound ?

August 25, 2014

According to Wikipedia, a) Noise is an unwanted sound. b) It is not random c) It makes it difficult to hear the right sound. Entrepreneurs do hear a lot of noise. The noise that is all around us, both positive and negative. The positive noise tells us that how cool it is to be an […]

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Do you really want to be an entrepreneur?

March 18, 2014

If you want to start your own business or enterprise, you would have already asked this question to yourself plenty of times. You don’t need the “it” factor. All you need is commitment, dream and hard work. Let me help you with some pointers that will help you decide, if you are ready for entrepreneurship. […]

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Entrepreneurship–The plus and minus

March 14, 2014

This is an excellent presentation on What it means to be an entrepreneur? Broad differences between women and men as entrepreneurs Troubles entrepreneurs face Why still you should be an entrepreneur? Its a well made slide and concepts are explained very nicely. Enjoy!!! What it take to be an Entrepreneur? from Wiweck Singh

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Does entrepreneurship really promote inequality?

March 11, 2014

In a recent article on Entrepreneurship on inequality, the author of the article argued that entrepreneurship actually promotes inequality. Does entrepreneurship really is about inequality? If one looks within a narrow angle and conclude that successful entrepreneurs make billions while those working under hardship s of employment hardly make any money, yes entrepreneurship promotes inequality. […]

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Business Planning for entrepreneurs

March 7, 2014

Today’s slide from Slide Share talks about business planning. It has good points on SWOT analysis ( my favorite ) Business Strategy A little bit of Project Management Enjoy!!! This presentation is by Richard Gabel

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Top ways to fund your business expansion yourself

January 27, 2011

Okay, you have started your own business. It has worked perfectly till now. You have got customers who are regularly purchasing goods and services from you. The last year was good and you decide to make this year better. However, you also realize that the new year will bring new problems. Your business needs to […]

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What makes a successful entreprenur?

November 26, 2010

Most of us want to be an entrepreneur. We want to control our lives and destinies being our own bosses and earning millions. To point of sounding rude, I have the opinion that these are not the particular outcomes of our journey to the entrepreneurship, at least till a long time. An entrepreneur is faced […]

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How a good skill matrix can help an entrepreneur?

November 16, 2010

Every entrepreneur needs to do everything he needs to do . What does this mean? That an entrepreneur is the owner of 100% of the activities that he/she needs to do in the lifetime of the venture. That means doing your finance, your marketing, your IT etc. But how does he know if he has […]

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New category vs existing market

November 10, 2010

In one of their well known books, Authors Al and Laura Ries bring out some of the interesting arguments about looking at marketing, branding and advertising in a new perspective. According to the authors, most of the winnings happen in new category. For once Henry Ford remarked famously “You can have a car as long […]

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How do you find a business idea to start with ?

October 29, 2010

One of my friend once told me “Its great that you started your business. If I were to start my venture, I do not know what would it be.” The moot question is “Where to get that 100million or even 10 million $ idea? Answer is “Not many people know” Some people read trends and […]

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